Your smart yard is here!

Automower® is a whole new style of lawn care! With traditional mowing, your lawn grows tall before being cut off all at once. By contrast, Automower® clips just a little grass at a time, frequently. The result is a lawn that’s always picture-perfect. And don’t worry about Automower® missing a spot – the unit changes its pattern according to a programmed schedule. Talk about a smart solution!

              • Clips rather than cuts
              • Fine clippings fertilize naturally
              • Smart working time based on grass growth rate


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Automower® work?

Learn more about Automower® by watching this short video. 

Will Automower® give me the perfect lawn?

Husqvarna Automower® will give you a carpet-like lawn by maintaining your grass rather than mowing it. The difference between maintaining and mowing? It’s the difference between a good lawn and a perfect lawn.

Automower® cuts just a little grass at a time, naturally fertilizing the soil with miniscule clippings. As a result, your turf always looks neat, green and healthy. When you see the results, you’ll wonder why you didn’t adopt our bot sooner.

How can Automower® save me time?

Yard work is hard work – but Husqvarna Automower® makes it easy. As the world’s smartest robotic mower, Automower®:

  • Navigates lawns of any complexity – even yards with obstacles and slopes.
  • Mows both day and night – and even in nasty weather.
  • Remains discreet and silent at all times.
  • Works safely around pets and children.
  • Resists theft with a built-in alarm.

As a result, you’ll have more free time for the activities that matter to you.

Can Automowers mow on slopes?

Yes! Automowers can mow up to 45% (24 degree) slopes.

What Automower® model do I need?

Use Husqvarna's Automower calculator to determine the models that best match your property size and complexity. Simply enter your postal code, select your property, choose the complexity and the approximate slope and the calculator will find the models that best match your property. Give it a try!  

How do you install an Automower®?

Owning a Husqvarna Automower® is all about ease of use, which is felt instantly as even the installation process has been fine-tuned. For detailed information and a video demonstrating the installation process or view installation information on Husqvarna's website.

Have more questions?

Check out Husqvarna's Automower FAQs